On the eve of my three-week anniversary

I am a very solution-focused person. I’m pretty proud of that. Where there is a problem, there is a Pihla to solve it. Pihla didn’t know her problem’s true identity until Monday 26th of February 2018. She’s celebrating that date now, every single day.

That’s when my recovery from a severe and enduring (don’t you just love that professional lingo…) eating disorder started. For the last 10 years or so, I’d been convinced that I either wasn’t really ill, or that I needed my illness to control some mystical other illness that at times made my life hell. I attributed my problems to anything but the eating disorder. Or rather, I didn’t. The illness did.

My life was hell for a long time. I was tired from pretending that it wasn’t. I was tired from trying to push the bad thoughts down. Tired from ed behaviours. Now that I am in recovery I want to examine what happened to me and I want to do it in this blog. More importantly, I want to support my recovery, and if there are readers, theirs too. I want to communicate hope of recovery and will be the happiest luckiest person ever if I manage that for at least one other person. I know I will recover. I didn’t know that for many, many, many years. It feels amazing.


that’s me, age five. bossing it at life

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