Ten outta ten, that just registered in me! The World Mental Health Day is 10/10. That’s a braw day to celebrate pretty much the most important thing I could think of for any living human, apart from the company and love of other humans. Mental health! I love this topic obvs as I’ve been both mental and healthy. And a million things in between. I’m forever noticing these days, the ability of my mind/brain to regenerate and take back years lost to poor health. About two weeks ago I was officially checked out of the public mental health care system as I no longer needed their services since about May of this year. Damn it feels got to be a… fairly functional human being – fairly, as we all do struggle on the occasion and that is to be expected. I am not on any medication, which feels amazing too. Honestly, after 13 or so years of various potions and notions I really didn’t think I could do without. Of course, I was ill then, and doing without seemed so much more difficult, than now that I am in recovery. I gave blood about a month ago (momentous occasion after 10 years of failed attempt due to low hemoglobin/weight) and on the form, where you have to indicate all the medication you take regularly, I indicated sweet fa. Pretty good a feeling.

My life was really much different a year ago today. I was jobless, sick, despairing, pretty lonely, not really with much hope of recovery. Today, a fairly different me is in existence. People who don’t know me well may notice absolutely no difference, because I probably look the same, sound pretty similar. But inside, alls is different. It feels good because I can genuinely be a giver of hope to other people, which is what I always wanted to do but never fully could as I didn’t have hope for myself and my recovery. It’s so great to spend tomorrow alive and moving towards better things. Happy WMHD 2018 dear reader!

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