About me

I am Pihla and I am one human person with one experience of life in the universe as it’s happened to me so far.

I started this blog to cheer myself on my journey through ED recovery, but upon recovering from sustained malnutrition I have been able to re-discover my brain’s potential to think about other stuff too and so after Sept 2018 I have begun to discuss other things here. Just whatever is going on in my life.

I live in Helsinki, Finland and am a social pedagogist with an interest in all things human. I think about what it is to be one – there are so many facets to existence! I enjoy music, writing poems, really big walks, the sea, salty and spicy food, visiting Finnish cities and towns, rainbow-coloured make-up, volunteering for good causes, speaking with people, playing the piano, mumblecore films, discussing the news, giving presents, making paper collages, drawing boxes – lots of boxes, Spain, my morning coffee, oh you know the usual stuff.

I have a blog in Finnish for my poems and other assorted writing here

I wish the people who read this blog would sometimes send me comments or messages because I am always wondering about them and what kind they are.

Thanks for reading!