About me

I am Pihla and I am one human person with one experience of life in the universe as it’s happened to me so far.

My life, my illness and my recovery has and will be unique to me and I don’t claim anything else. I talk about my own experiences only, in which I am the expert. I ain’t a doctor, although having worked a long time in mental health, I may know a bit more than a layman.

I live in Finland and enjoy creative things – music, singing, poems, crafting. Heck, I enjoy most things now that I am in recovery. I have a good imagination, and a fairly analytical mind. I also think I am really funny, although I may be alone in thinking this, #sadface.

I am writing my blog in English to reach more readers, but also because I have a dark Scottish past and speak English as my second first language.

I volunteer to support others in their recovery at Etelän-SYLI ry, shout out to them for awesomeness.

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to venture with my thoughts to un-ED -related territory, so I may write about my studies and various other thoughts too.

Thank you for reading my blog!