Norm and Norma, oh I know those guys

This morning I found out my divorce had been finalized and I am now showing on the national registry database of Finland as 'divorced'. Let's not even go there with the normative implications of allowing for that option only, instead of, y'know, 'unmarried' (you shall forever bear the burden of your inability to predict the … Continue reading Norm and Norma, oh I know those guys


I think I'm very funny, naming this post Typical and talking about a behaviour typical to me. The twist in the story being that I will be discussing my thesis, which is about there not being types, or typicals. But of course there is, and there isn't. I think people have interests that may form … Continue reading Typical


Ten outta ten, that just registered in me! The World Mental Health Day is 10/10. That's a braw day to celebrate pretty much the most important thing I could think of for any living human, apart from the company and love of other humans. Mental health! I love this topic obvs as I've been both … Continue reading 10/10

Today in the life and times of a Masters student

A topic really important to me is utility. I want to utilize myself for the greater good. I want to spend my time doing a lot of useful, meaningful, value-adding things. Reading dusty books in a dusty library does not present itself to me as particularly useful. I could be working, meeting people and helping … Continue reading Today in the life and times of a Masters student