Well I’ve always hated being a quitter

...and this has resulted in me suffering through many a broken situation, relationship, work/study environment, miserable experience. I like to try my hand at many things and do jump at the chance of doing stuff that sounds/looks appealing. Sometimes the appealing-ness fades quickly, but out of some weird sense of duty I struggle on. When … Continue reading Well I’ve always hated being a quitter

Some thoughts on the roots, the roots

I haven't written in ages, cos I've been thinking of other things like work, my relationships, my health, my Masters studies. However, this morning, I am in the uni library, supposedly researching my thesis but really, getting distracted by various thoughts of various other interests. My thoughts lead me to the topic of ED and … Continue reading Some thoughts on the roots, the roots

Stop me o-o-oh stop meee….

I love quoting Morrissey in my blog posts evidently...this song was playing in my head as I was thinking of what might have contributed to the slow progress of my pre-recovery recovery. Unavailability and inappropriateness of certain health services is one. But I have also been to therapy for many many years and fair talked … Continue reading Stop me o-o-oh stop meee….

A loooong and windiiiiing roooooaddd…

Sometimes I don't know whether to write about things or not, because my brain is ever-moulding itself and making new connections, leading me to re-think thoughts I had before, re-forming them into new theories and ideas. We are biological entities and our brains work like that when we give them sufficient energy. In recovery, my … Continue reading A loooong and windiiiiing roooooaddd…